Quickly 3D design and preview Implant Bridge Design, and receive patients' instant feedback

Avoid unaesthetic results on Implant crown and bridge designs!

Design & Plan facially-driven 3D implant bridge prototypes!

Enhance communication between patients - dentists - lab technicians

Deliver higher predictability on final outcomes to your patients using SmileFy Software.

Creating a facially-driven 3D implant bridge prototype facilitates communication between patients – dentists – lab technicians. In addition, it provides a better oral-facial evaluation of the bridge design’s esthetic portion, such as teeth and gum display and teeth position compared with the face.

Why implement it in your practice?


Using the Digital Patient gives doctors more significant control over the final look and increases patient comfort and satisfaction.

Precise Treatment Planning

Plan and digitally design the future implant bridge prototype

Export & Test

3D print the transitional bridge or proceed with the digital planning in the implant software of your choice.

Effortless Collaboration

Efficiently communicate with your dental lab, export and share digital files to achieve seamless workflow.

Embrace the Smilefy movement and
revolutionize your dental practice today!

SmileFy AI technology analyzes the facial characteristics and proportions of your patient and generates suggestive smile designs in one click!

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