How it works

Take a Picture 1. Snap a picture of your patient

Set the digital smile outlines 2. Position a smile frame according to the treatment you want to simulate

Push “Generate Smile” button 3. Generate smile according to your patient likings

Perfect solution
for your Dental practice

AI Smile Simulation is available from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices.


Treatment Plan

Manage your patient's expectations by simulating treatment options based on your clinical findings.

Better Communication

Communicate better with your dental technician and other dental professionals and allow them to understand your vision towards the treatments you are providing to your patients.


Instantly share the before and after image with your patients via text message or email.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual*.

Smile Simulations allow you to understand your patient’s desires and preview simulations of the treatment plan you propose.

With SmileFy, smile simulations are simple and intuitive so you spend less time worrying about learning the technology and more time enticing your patients and improving communication.


It was difficult turn from analog to digital but Smilefy gave me the confidence to do it. Smilefy transformed my workflow.
Dr. Gustavo De Oliveira
I was using my own camera and photoshop to do smile design and was taking me long time to do it, Smilefy is so advance and the best thing is easy to learn.
Dr. Marc Susman
I was looking for something to provide a wow experience to my patients and Smilefy provided me that confidence to design and show the best smile for them.
Dr. Diana Torres

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