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Use SmileFy software to collaborate and communicate efficiently with your dentists on each esthetic case – fast, easy, cost-efficient.


Start FACIALLY-GUIDED 3D Smile Designs with SmileFy – simple and fast. Export your designs (.STL) to proceed within your CAD/CAM software for manufacturing.

Your Immediate Benefits

How do you initiate your Smile Design cases with SmileFy?

Time & Cost Efficient Collaboration

Access the patients’ files and design directly on the SmileFy platform – simple and secure…

Highly Satisfied Customers

Plan the final restorations facially-guided, test, and deliver with accuracy and precision.

Reduce Remake Rate & Adjustments

Communicate and plan on the SmileFy platform – seamless and cost-efficient process for you and your customers.

Want to know more?

Why is SmileFy the Right Choice For You?

Discover the Benefits of the Digital Patient

Share patient’s files – facial pictures, IO Scans, CBCTs, 3D Facial scans and more – instantly. All case-relevant files saved, calibrated, and structured as a Digital Patient! Easy access, add new files and export whenever needed.

No more searching for the right files in your email, Dropbox folders, your flash drives/servers.

Smile Simulation - Get the information you need

SmileFy’s AI generated smile simulations give every dentist a powerful tool; to understand the patient’s wishes and to design a new smile within 3 clicks. Access smile simulations instantly on SmileFy and get all details such as the facial picture, smile frame outline, and template selections. Knowing and understanding what your client and their patient desire is the key to your success!

Why Now?

Experience our award-winning solution and premium service. Connect with your doctors using SmileFy and build up your internal network for seamless communication.

Highly automated, ground-breaking technology for Facially-Guided 3D Smile Design: upper design, lower design, VDO guided design

Start with the 3D smile design to test the new smile in the patient’s mouth and to have the clinician approve it before you start the production of the final restorations. SmileFy’s 3D design is an open project which you are able to export – as a complete model, shells, each tooth or selected teeth for 3D printing, and/or to proceed with a CAD/CAM software for milling.
Reduce your remake rate and adjustment time. Save costs! Increase the dentist’s satisfaction! EXPERIENCE MORE REPEAT CUSTOMERS WHO REFER AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS

Why SmileFy Is The Right Choice For You?

Cost-Efficient Lab pricing available

Minimal training requirements for your team

Outsource services: Too busy? We design for you

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