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For Cosmetic Dentists…

Create UNLIMITED 3D Smile Mockups Within 5 Mins To Produce the PERFECT Smile For Your Patients For $0


Use Smilefy’s AI-based 3D Mockup Technology that scientifically analyzes your patients’ facial

structures & creates the PERFECT smile for them…

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Share instant-mockups with your patients. Save $300+ on lab results AND get “full-control” over your cosmetic procedures…

Dear cosmetic dentist,

Imagine this… your patient comes to you wanting a smile makeover… You have a vision for a patient’s new smile and would like to show your patient instantly how the new smile will look and feel…

However… here’s where you start getting frustrated…

You ask your lab to produce mockups, and things get out of your control… The lab will not only charge you $300-$500+ to produce mockups –they will also take an excruciatingly long time…

Your patient & you both want to get started fast… but you have to wait till you get those mockups from the lab…

Now this is where you start feeling really helpless

If your patient does not like the mockups, you have to go “back & forth” with the lab… And if several weeks go by, your patients will disappear… and you’ll lose someone who could’ve been a perfect patient for you…

And that’s the problem with this “old way” of doing things…

You see, every year cosmetic dentists like yourself lose 100s of patients because of delays and long-waiting times… 

… and the change of heart on your patients’ part that occurs due to things that aren’t in your control (cumbersome lab mockup designs.)…

You wish that you could:

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Provide mockups to your patients immediately.
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You could have a more inclusive process where your patients are engaged in real time.
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Have full control over the design & treatment planning process.
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Get results in a matter on minutes rather than several weeks.
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Start Treatments FAST
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Consider This:

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If you could instantly create multiple mockups for your patients “on-the-spot” and LET them choose the smile of their DREAMS…
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If you could show them with accurate precision exactly what their smile would look like with your treatment...
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if you COULD initiate the treatment at the SAME APPOINTMENT, instead of keeping your patients waiting for 2-3 weeks before getting started...

You wish that you could:

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Precise Treatment Planning

Generate facially-guided, accurate treatment plans to save time in the chair and minimize lab costs.

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Effortless Collaboration

Exchange digital designs and treatment strategies with your team, dental labs, and other specialists for exceptional treatment results.

What you will discover on this page today…

 is an Advanced AI-Based 3D Digital Mockup

Technology that allows you:

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100% control over the creative mockup process and treatment planning based on YOUR CLINICAL expertise (not depending on a lab technician)
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UNLIMITED mockup designs in minutes
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3D printing ready model (ready instantly in your office)
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To save 2-3 weeks of time (100s of hours)
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Speed to market… so you don’t lose your patients
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You save $300-$500… because you can produce unlimited mockups for $0
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You WIN more patients for cosmetic treatments and can deliver new smiles FASTER
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Here are some facts:

A lab technician doesn’t look at the IO scans from a cosmetic dentist’s point of view…

You know that all the work you do is CUSTOMIZED for your patients… that’s how you get them great results…

But a lab technician doesn’t have that vision like yours…

And unfortunately, if you stick to the “old way” of doing things, you’re always going to be dependent on your lab to help you move the needle forward…

That’s why you need to switch.

You need to switch to the new way of getting your patients results… You need to adapt new technologies that are reshaping the cosmetic dentistry world

You need a technology that gives you complete control over your process AND saves

you time & money… while helping you retain more patients than ever before.




AI-Based 3D Smile Design technology that helps cosmetic dentists create

unlimited 3D Smile mockups perfectly suited to their patients’ faces… instantly.

Here’s how it works:

  • You do a full face picture and an IntraOral scan at your clinic for your patient

  • Our Advanced Artificial Intelligence technology SCIENTIFICALLY maps your patients face and instantly produces 3D smile design for your patient… within minutes you will see beautiful results…

  • You then upload the scans to your Smilefy App… along with the patient’s photos… this is done very fast through our app.

  • You can see a clear & accurate representation of what their teeth will look like on your device… without wasting any time.

  • You can easily adjust the design and generate unlimited mockup versions to MAKE SURE that your patient is satisfied with the new smile

  • You will have access to our natural tooth templates library… so you can easily create natural-looking smile on the fly

  • You can make precise adjustments to every nook & corner of their oral mockups for outstanding esthetic results

  • It works so well… you’ll be able to create the perfect teeth & smile for your patients in under 5-10 mins max… and they will feel extremely satisfied.

  • Not only will you save $300 – $500+ in mockup design fees from a lab… but you will SAVE so much time that will make your patients extremely happy…

  • And… you’ll get unlimited 3D mockups for no additional or hidden costs!

Our technology is driven by our proprietary Face Analysis algorithm that you cannot find anywhere else…

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Are you ready to save time, money and create the ULTIMATE satisfaction for your patients…?
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Are you ready to have complete control over the entire process?
And more importantly...
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Are you ready to evolve with changing times and adapt to NEW technologies that will make your practice better, more efficient, and most cost effective?
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Have a look at what some of the Top Cosmetic Dentists that use Smilefy 3D Design are saying…

Dr. Angelos Sourial

Adawn Dental Studio

Dr. Sultan Sherzoy

Bogota Dental Center

Dr. Gustavo de Oliveira

Dr. Jack Fitzgerald

This is for you if…

  • You want Instant 3D mockups so you don’t have to rely on your lab… you want to be able to get your mockups in 5-10 mins instead of several weeks.
  • FULL CONTROL over the design and the outcome… down to every single little precise modification you’d like to make.

  • You want to be able to share mockups with your patients INSTANTLY… and make a decision together in real time.

  • If you want “speed to market” where you don’t lose your prospects due to long waiting times and they forget about you.

  • If you want LOTS OF happy patients because of a more engaged & inclusive process

  • If you want to make sure you retain & help more patients and do not lose any patients (because turnaround time is fast… so they don’t have to spend several weeks waiting for lab mockup)

  • If you want to have more by doing less

  • If you want to have that HIGH LEVEL boutique clinic with a roster full of high value patients due to advanced technology

And more importantly…

  • If you want to maintain & sustain an amazing reputation in the market so your business grows fast word of mouth…

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