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Why Go With 3D Printed Veneers in-Office?

The advance of 3D Printing has opened the doors for patients to receive more affordable permanent dental veneers with minimal to no tooth preparation. 

Incomparably simpler and more affordable alternatives, 3D-designed dental veneers are now replacing composite veneers due to:

Better standard of natural appearance

Higher resistance with new ceramic resins

Faster workflow while also providing better profitability for the dental practice

How to Design Dental Veneers in-Office?

With its easy workflow, 3D Dental Veneers can be easily 3D Designed with Smilefy and printed directly in the dental office, promising a perfect fit, unprecedented speed, and efficiency.

Benefits of Smile Designed 3D Printed Dental Veneers


Using Smilefy, easily create 3D-printed veneers with precision and accuracy, resulting in a superior fit and natural appearance

3D Natural teeth templates:

Select from various teeth designs and virtually try on the smile with a click.

Easy approach:

Resulting in excellent esthetic, not achievable with the composite restorations.


3D designing and printing significantly shorten this process, sometimes even allowing for same-day veneer production and placement. Outsourcing the veneer lab work, patients often need to wait weeks between the initial appointment and final placement.


With 3D-printed veneers, offer your patients more affordable cosmetic treatments. And complete the treatment much faster, in a fraction of the time and cost.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are finding it challenging to use complex CAD/CAM software, Smilefy 3D presents an intuitive application designed specifically for dentists. Built with an intuitive design, this application is incredibly user-friendly – even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. And because it’s accessible directly from your iPad, iPhone, and MacBook, it’s an ideal tool to incorporate into your workflow anywhere you go. Say goodbye to the headaches of complex systems and hello to the ease and simplicity of SmileFy 3D.

The process is as easy as Scan – Design – Print!

  • Guided workflow: Our step-by-step process ensures an easy journey through the complete design process. 
  • Facially-Driven Design: Smilefy 3D uses the latest AI and automation technologies to offer a unique patient-centric smile design based on patients’ face characteristics. 
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Our extensive library of natural teeth templates ensures outstanding esthetic treatment results for each of your patients. 
  • Integrated Smile Analysis: Inbuilt analysis tools help create the most aesthetically pleasing outcome for smiles your patients will love!
  • Direct 3D Printer Connection: We’ve simplified printing with seamless printer software integration.

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