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3D Plan your facially guided restorations with SmileFy for an excellent aesthetic outcome and predictable treatment results.

What is Pre-surgical Esthetic Planning for Implant Bridges?

The Esthetic planning stage in implant bridge is an essential step in the pre-surgical process of extensive rehabilitation. It involves including the patient's face in the treatment planning to achieve positive esthetic and functional outcomes of the future prosthesis. This helps the clinician to facilitate digital planning of the surgical implant guides and the lab technician to manufacture the intermediate and final prosthesis according to the clinician's plan.

Why is SmileFy your best solution?

The innovative dentofacial pre-surgical esthetic planning, SmileFy software, is a fast and user-friendly solution that allows dentists to superimpose the patient's photograph and digital casts to pre-design the implant bridge in-office while evaluating teeth contour, smile curvature, and proportions facilitating the communication between the interdisciplinary team and patient towards a more incredible rehabilitative therapy and predictable outcome.

How is it applied in practice?

After diagnosing the patient, the digital files are added into SmileFy to evaluate and generate the aesthetics of a facially driven implant bridge. The patient and doctor can select from various 3D teeth templates that are instantly added to the virtual patient for evaluation and approval. The 3D files are then easily exported and can be sent to an implant bridge software to use as a guide for the implant placement according to the bridge design as well as to send the files to a dental technician facilitating the manufacturing of the dental bridges according to the doctor's instructions improving the assertiveness of the outcome and, ultimately, the patient's satisfaction.
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Benefits for you and your patients

Benefits for you and your patients

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