AI Smile Simulation

Bring higher profits to your dental practice!

AI Smile Simulation

Simulate your cases with A.I. Smile Designs

95 %
Creates smile designs in 1 minute

Why do you need Smile Simulations in your dental practice?

SmileFy AI technology analyzes the facial characteristics and proportions of your patient and generates suggestive smile designs in one click! 

  • Better capture the attention of your patients
  • Educate your patients to improve aesthetic smile
  • Increases your income per treatment plan
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Make your Practice Stand out with SmileFy

How Smile Designs can deliver higher case acceptance and profitability to your practice?

  • Generate excellent Marketing and Educational content for your practice
  • Create visual messages that educate your patient on decision-making
  • Deliver an outstanding patient experience during their first visit
Starter Plan Annual Membership
$ 699 /Yearly
EXTRA BONUS: Exclusive marketing kit designed to inform patients of the available smile enhancement options and encourage them to seek further details on these transformative treatments actively.
  • Unlimited Smile Simulation
  • Online training
  • Premium Support