A pre-op mockup is fundamental in the success of all cosmetic or restorative cases

The Pre-op Mockup provides an evaluation of the esthetic demands of a patient’s dentition that can be used as aids in both diagnostic and esthetic evaluation to facilitate the in-office planning process, an innovative easy-to-use 3D digital wax up allows you to create facially guided models to represent the proposed outcome.


3D Design

Whether working on a single tooth or a full upper arch case, simply combine your patient’s Frontal Facial Picture and intraoral scans to start creating your digital wax up model. The 3D teeth selections can be digitally placed over the patient’s scan and facial photo for better understanding of the proposed model for esthetic evaluation prior to printing in just one click.


Once selected, the software allows you to do the final touches to properly contour gingival margins and personalizations just like performing an analogue wax up but digitally, to send it to 3D print.


SmileFy is an open source software that allows you to export different .STL files to proceed with your own manufacturing. From Digital Mockups and Composite Veneers guide to single tooth files to import into any CAD/CAM softwares.

Print & Perform

When the mockup is placed directly over the teeth, it shows the patient the proposed outcome of the treatment while supporting the need to go through a multidisciplinary treatment plan to reach the proposed esthetic results.

After adjusting the mock-up in the mouth, it can be scanned, added to the patient documentation and sent to the lab as a blueprint for fabricating the final restorations. The end result is that the dentist is able to control the esthetic artistry from the beginning to the completion of treatment.

The Intraoral Mock-up: Your Obvious Secret Weapon

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Many clinicians tend not to experiment with the digital workflow for not knowing what options are available or are unsure where to start. Whereas, the main difference between Traditional Wax-up and in-office Digital Wax-up workflows are:
Digital Wax up with Smilefy

Tradicional Wax Up (with your panning Center or Lab)

Instant design in Smilefy app
NO EXTRA COSTS per design/export
Design changes
Facially driven design

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