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We are Awards Winning Dental Technology Platform

Since 2017, we’ve been helping dentists embrace the power of digital dentistry. Though a young company ourselves, our inspiration comes from technological advances over the past decades that have made dentistry a progressive force for improved patient care. Our mission to empower dental professionals around the world to transform the way they provide patient care while positively impacting the patient experience is deeply rooted in the way we have developed and will continue to develop as a company. It’s long-standing.

We are dedicated to delivering the most innovative technological solutions to make it easier, faster, and better for every dental professional to deliver beautiful and predictable results. Smilefy’s AI technology is designed to make digital workflows more intuitive for the practitioner. It combines extensive research into a simple to use tool that creates an unparalleled experience in esthetic treatment planning for the dentist and for the patient.

We have the unique opportunity to be pioneers in an era that allows technology to combine experience and expertise to create solutions that will improve the quality of treatment planning, results, and communication.

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Why People Choose SmileFy?

Support & Training Provided

SmileFy offers comprehensive training, ongoing support and regular updates to the software. 

Digital Dental Solution

SmileFy covers all dentists digital needs and their practice with new features, customization options and support that dentists are looking for. 

Experience Team Member

SmileFy provides a user-friendly interface, the ability to import and export files from other softwares and printers to make it easier to be sent to your lab. 

SmileFy Creators

Founder & Management

After working with dentists worldwide, we found that you can spend hours with treatment plan preparation, trying to get your patient to accept your proposal, Watch what the professionals are saying about Smilefy.

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Best Technology

"I was using my own camera and photoshop to do smile design and it was taking me a long time to do it, SmileFy is so advanced and the best thing is it's easy to learn, and the best emotional tool to show to my patients."



Great Courses

"It was difficult turn to go from analog to digital but SmileFy gave me the confidence to do it. SmileFy transformed my workflow."