Do you agree that Visual Treatment Planning plays a tremendous role in Patient Decision-Making?

In this case study, we explore the decision-making process of a patient with a high lip line and short laterals and premolars. Initially, the patient came in wanting to increase the length of the upper laterals only, however, when we created different smile simulations to show the patient a visual of different esthetic outcome of both treatments.

With the goal to test both smiles in patient’s mouth before starting any treatment we conducted 3D smile design. To plan gingivectomy, we used facial photographs, intraoral scans, and a CT scan, using real-time intersection function for high presicion planning. After completing two 3D designs the according physical models were printed to create the silicon keys for the mockup.

At a follow-up appointment, the patient had the opportunity to “try on” both designed smiles. This hands-on experience included one option showcasing the potential results of a gingivectomy in the posterior area followed by aesthetic restorations, and another displaying the effects of composite resin restorations in the aesthetic zone without a gingivectomy.

Armed with a tangible comparison of the esthetic outcomes, the patient was better equipped to make an informed decision regarding her preferred treatment path. Ultimately, she opted for a comprehensive approach involving a gingivectomy and osteoplasty, followed by the application of aesthetic composite veneers.

This case underscores the importance of visual and physical presentations of expected treatment outcome in patient education, significantly enhancing the patient experience, treatment acceptance and setting realistic expectations.

Embrace the future of dental practice with SmileFy’s Automated 3D Smile Design. For any inquiries, complimentary trials, or individual demos, please feel free to contact us. We are eager to support your journey towards advanced dental care.

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