How in-office 3D Smile Designs is a gateway for improving lab communication to provide a better patient experience

Going digital and managing workflows with SmileFy Smile Design Platform

Dentists must communicate clearly with other team members, colleagues, and dental technicians in the interest of the patients’. When there is clear communication and a common understanding of the expected treatment outcome between patient, dentist, and dental technician, the risks of having to re-do the case is significantly lower.
The Problem

The problem is that dental technicians in most cases do not see the patients and receive only limited documentation. This makes it impossible to know what the dentist and patient desire from the new smile and so delivering the expected outcome diminishes.

The General Dental Council (GDC) conducted a study identifying that most dental technicians feel that communication with dentists could be better tailored or that they are not involved as part of the doctor’s team.[1]

Consider the dentist the main liaison between the patient and dental technician. If the dentist fails to collect crucial patient documentation and explain clearly what is expected from the prosthetic treatment, both the dental technician and the patient will most likely be unsatisfied with the work done by the dentist.

The traditional method doctors are still doing today
According to a survey shown in the British Dental Journal [1], most communications used by dentists with the dental labs are through phone calls, text messages, lab prescriptions, or emails where missing items, such as patient’s files, and clinical information, are common, delaying the workflow even more. Moreover, delaying the work due to missing information brings the patient frustration and demotivation in continuing the service with the dentist and clinic.

In general, when a dentist requests a wax-up for upper anterior restorations, an upper and lower mouth impression, bite registration, and a custom lab prescription are typically the only files sent to the dental technician when key information such as facial photographs, smile designs, patient’s needs and a visual overview of the treatment proposed are omitted or not customary.

The Solution

What do dentists want:

  • Easier workflows
  • Easier ways of communication
  • Less time spent on restorative re-dos and in-mouth adjustments
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Reduced costs
  • Overall patient satisfaction
  • More patient referrals

What do dental technicians want:

  • Thorough case documentation
  • Efficient method of communicating with the doctor
  • Less time and costs spent on re-dos and adjustments
  • Clients overall satisfaction

What is SmileFy and how can it assist dental professionals?

SmileFy is a Smile Design and Collaboration Platform that helps dentists connect better with their patients and dental technicians through Smile Simulations and 3D digital dental mock-ups using the face to reference the overall aesthetics. SmileFy is bridging the gap between dentist and technicians by making communication seamless for everyone involved in the treatment plan and execution of the case. It gives the dentist the chance to fully conduct the treatment plan and work as a team to give the patient the ultimate satisfaction of a perfect smile for them.

What can SmileFy do?

The patient’s digital files can be uploaded into SmileFy’s unlimited cloud system. You can add new files at any time during your treatment planning. By calibrating the digital files you’ll create the digital patient head, giving your team a realistic view of the clinical situation and facial characteristics of the patient, without needing everyone to see the patient in-person.

Do-It-Yourself – In-office 3D Smile Design

Using the patient’s photographs and other digital files (such as intraoral scans, CBCT, and more), the dentist can design the new smile while focusing on the patient’s dental and unique facial structures to achieve an esthetic and harmonic smile for the mock-up trial.

Natural Teeth Library Dentist can choose and virtually see in the patient’s mouth

SmileFy contains a variety of Natural Teeth Templates that can be replicated into temporaries and final restorations. Dentists can create several designs for patients with a few clicks and at no extra costs.

SmileFy = Open System = Freedom to Collaborate

Every 3D design created in SmileFy can be exported as an.STL file sothe workflow can continue in any other CAD/CAM software, 3D printer or milling.

Strengthen communication the way it should be!

Smilefy gives dentists endless possibilities to optimize their workflow to meet the needs of everyone involved.

What are the Next Steps?

With one purpose in mind, SmileFy was created to help clinicians and dental professionals achieve higher predictability while connecting with their patients and assessing the treatment plan you’re proposing.

SmileFy is an advanced digital smile design tool that strengthens the diagnostic view, improves communication, and increases predictability of the treatment outcome by combining patient files in one place and using them as a guide for the entire esthetic procedure. 

Start with 3D design to deliver higher quality communication with your patient and dental technician.

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*1 – Berry J, Nesbit M, Saberi S, Petridis H. Communication methods and production techniques in fixed prosthesis fabrication: a UK based survey. Part 1: communication methods. Br Dent J. 2014;217(6):E12. doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.2014.643

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