Revolutionizing Digital Wax-ups

The Evolution of Smile Design is here, accessible to every dentist.

By: Dr. Diogo Alves

Using 3D Digital Wax-ups and AI Diagnostics reports helps you elaborate digital treatment plans better to enhance your diagnostic view and increase the accuracy of the esthetic outcomes. In this context, I want to show you how to take advantage of using SmileFy App  in your treatment plans.

What you will need: Gathering patient digital files
· The Facial Photo

To begin your 3D wax-up, first take a frontal facial image of your patient. It can be done with your own DSLR camera or your iPhone or iPad.

· The Intraoral Scan

To create a digital wax-up, scan the entire upper arch before prepping and include it as a study or pre-op scan.

Intraoral Scacn - Upper
Intraoral Scan - Lower
· The CBCT File (Optional)

Before creating your digital wax-up, you can request a radiological report straight from SmileFy that becomes ready in just 5 minutes. Powered by the sophisticated technology in Diagnocat AI, a new collaboration SmileFy has, this new integration will allow dentists to instantly assess the patient’s radiological studies and reports using the CBCT dental images, adding certainty when planning to create your patient’s 3D dental mock-ups on SmileFy.

The benefits: 

This ensures you deliver a proper treatment plan and secure longevity to your final restorations, and prevents you from having hidden caries you wouldn’t be able to see in a daily routine. 

The dental professional get faster radiological report compared to traditional methods.

With your treatment plan ready in mind, let’s pass it on to the SmileFy software

Starting your 3D Digital Wax-up

In the analog wax-up and In most digital software available in the market, you need to place tooth by tooth until you fully mount the model, which can take hours to finalize. With SmileFy, the workflow was simplified so dentists and smile designers can intuitively set the number of 3D teeth according to the planning in the treatment, making it simpler to develop the digital wax-up.

Teeth Shape Selection and Customization

In SmileFy you will find a variety of Natural Teeth Templates that can be replicated into temporaries or final restorations.

Since you are designing over the photo, the software allows you to conduct a facially guided wax-up while trying on different teeth shapes, forms

The 3D wax-up can be viewed and edited from different angles, so you know the proportions and position of every tooth in the arch

The designs can also be measured in its height

Facially Guided 3D design

To ensure that your dental wax-up matches your patient’s facial features, you can perform facial analysis as you 3D design your cases

The Artificial Intelligence of SmileFy analyzes facial aesthetics based on the Layperson’s Concept  where two imaginary horizontal lines are crossed over the patient’s interpupillary lines

parallel to the commissure line to identify if the patient has a canted smile if central incisors are in the proper occlusal plane position from an anterior view and if it should be corrected according to these reference lines.

Then we have the facial midline: These are referenced by the Glabella, tip of the nose, philtrum or cupid bow, and base of the patient’s chin. 

This feature was designed to help you analyze the patient’s facial asymmetry from a frontal view 

Studies reported frequencies of facial laterality 36% of the middle third of the face and 74% of the lower thirds of the face are pointed towards the left or right side.

With a more significant variation in the lower third of the face, we as clinicians can now customize the position of the dental midline followed by the facial landmarks and position the angulation of the teeth according to the characteristics of the patient’s face.

Exporting the 3D wax-up

Every 3D design created in SmileFy can be exported as an.STL file so the workflow can continue in any other CAD/CAM software depending on the case’s complexity or 3D printer.

After saving your 3D case. Open “ Digital Patient” and choose to either export your files or send them straight to one of the 3D printers we have a direct connection with

Once printed, create a silicone index to perform your Wax trial to ensure the quality of your work.

With one purpose in mind, SmileFy was created to help clinicians and dental professionals achieve higher predictability while connecting with their patients and assessing the treatment plan you’re proposing.

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