Smile Design Digital Workflow Overview

Many times we hear dentists expressing hesitation on what types of patients they should present Smile Designs to. Truth is, the ideal patient is already coming into your practice regularly. Great candidates for a smile simulation preview are typically those in restorative cases, gum contouring, and dental alignments to name a few.

When it comes to working with digital patient files, it is important that dentists know how to choose a dental laboratory that is well-versed on the digital workflow as every component plays a vital role and yields a more predictable outcome for the patient. A collaborative relationship between dentists and dental technicians is a win-win situation for all; reduced errors, turnaround time, and overall operating cost. 

A Key Piece in the Plan - Creating a Simple but detailed Smile Design

A Smile Design along with additional patient files can change the way you approach your treatment proposals by engaging your patients in a fresh and educative way. More on this workflow at our upcoming webinar. [Click here to learn more]

Getting started is quite simple. Last week we discussed how to take the best frontal facial pictures of your patients. Once you’ve grasped the importance of the quality of the pictures, you’re set to begin creating a unique smile design for them.

Go to Menu, New Case, AI Smile Simulation, and tap on “Full Smile”.

Select your patient from your gallery photo and tap “Next.”

In the next step you’ll have to adjust the Smile Frame based on the ideal position you envision for the patient. Tap “Next” once adjusted.

The app generates a suggestive smile design. You can either tap on “Before and After” if you’re satisfied with the initial design or you can customize it.  To adjust the smile go to “Smile Harmony” and adjust the smile by defining the midline, occlusal plane, smile curvature, and open the Smile Library to manually select the teeth shapes yourself.

Under the “Frame” section, re-adjust your smile frame in the ideal position you envision the new smile to be. Use the “Height” and “Ratio H/W” to adjust teeth proportions. Use “No. Teeth” to select the number of teeth that you want to show when your patient is smiling, and adjust the “Buccal Corridor” to set to a narrower or a wider smile.

Under the “Colors” section you can modify the coloration of the smile design. Once you select the shade you like the most for your patient, you can continue perfecting it by adjusting the warmth, brightness, and saturation.

By tapping on “Share” you have the options to save the picture onto your phone’s gallery and you can share it with your patient.

Or you can save the patient documentation as a PDF document and it will generate a thorough file of your patient’s pictures, files (IO Scans), and details of the Smile Design. You can then share it with your dental technician to use as a reference to manufacture the physical dental mockup.

Lastly, tap the “Next” button to add the Patient’s personal information and save the case.

Increased Productivity

Your lab prescription will not only deliver your clinical findings and detailed information to be selected for prosthetic work but will also provide visual reference that simulates what you and your patient expect of the final restorations. 

In our webinar, Dr. Diogo Alves and CDT Carmina Braicau work together to show you key information to send to a lab technician so you can confidently deliver a more predictable outcome using a combination of digital and analog files of your patient.

Click here to see the replay! 

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