Discover the Benefits of Digital Patient!

Share patient’s files - facial pictures, IO Scans, and more - instantly. All case-relevant files are saved, calibrated, and structured as a Digital Patient! Easy access, add new files, and export whenever needed.

No more searching for the right files in your emails, dropbox folders or external disks.

Collaborate with ease

Work along with your specialist, dental technician. Create multiple treatment options, smile simulations, 3D designs - work together efficiently! Save time and costs!


Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Easily access your patients’ files from any Apple device. Simply have your SmileFy app installed and membership credentials to visualize your cases and documents.

Securely Send Patients’ Files

SmileFy Cloud system lets you share your files with other members within minutes.

Time &
Cost Saved

Every design or file added into the patient’s folder is automatically updated and available for view and edits on all devices.


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How to team up?
How to sharea case?

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