The Next Generation

How it all works.

With just a photograph of your patient, allow yourself to fully understand your patient’s desires in addition to manage your patient’s expectations within minutes.

Smile Simulation using one photograph

Our average Smilefy Members reported that the workflow takes just 3 minutes from taking a picture to designing a smile.

To Every Patient, A unique solution

After taking a photo of your patient smiling, you design a smile using your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook and show it to your patient. Once the patient has accepted the Smile Simulation, send the design to the Lab via Smilefy PDF Export.

Smile Simulation using one Photograph + Intraoral Scan

Going further with your Digital Patient within minutes

Want to add details to your design and simplify your workflow? After your smile simulation, add your patient’s intraoral scan into the patient’s digital files, and the SmileFy software will incorporate/consolidate your 2D design with the intraoral scan. Send the design and scan to your dental laboratory. 

It means more accuracy on your final outcomes and higher predictability with your lab communication.